A message to customers old and new

22nd March 2020

Please note Truro Foodbank is here to help people in “FOOD CRISIS”. The Trussell Trust requires customers to have been referred to a Foodbank by a support agency. This is for two reasons. Firstly to make sure that customers receive longer term help and advice rather than just short term food. It also helps Foodbank staff and volunteers to know that a person is in genuine need. We can all see that supermarkets have been emptied by panic buying and even that Foodbank donation bins are being raided by people trying to stock up. We will ask customers if you have been referred by an agency. And if it is considered that anyone is actually abusing the Foodbank we will politely have to refuse them. We are here to help people in FOOD CRISIS.

IF YOU ARE A NEW OR EXISTING CUSTOMER: please note that some support agencies have had to change how they operate, for example schools have restricted opening and some agencies are not doing face to face meetings at the moment. Truro Foodbank is happy to receive confirmation from a support agency by email if you do not have a paper voucher. So please do not worry if you cannot at this time get a paper voucher. Contact your support agency and ask them to email a confirmation to us at [email protected]

Simon Fann, Truro Foodbank Manager

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