About our foodbank

Here is an introduction to our project.

Truro Foodbank is a charity based in the Truro area and operating under the umbrella of the Trussell Trust. The project was founded by local churches and community groups , working together towards stopping hunger in our local area.


Our Vision

Our vision is not only to meet the immediate needs of those who are hungry by provision of food, but to address the causes of poverty by provision of advice and assistance.

This reflects the Vision of The Trussell Trust which is “to end the need for foodbanks in the UK”.


Our Values

Our values are the fundamental driving principles that encapsulate the passion and motivation for our work. They have strong roots in Christian teaching and practice, whilst also being accessible and meaningful for people, whatever their background.

  • Compassion:We stand in solidarity with people locally that need our help. We put their wellbeing above everything else. We always uphold and protect their dignity.
  • Justice: We are motivated by a desire to see a more just society in the Truro area. It’s not right that anyone is facing hunger and poverty. Everyone should have enough income to afford the essentials.
  • Community: We believe we share the responsibility to support one another in our community, and more broadly to work with other foodbanks both locally and nationally. To create change, we must work together for a fairer society.
  • Dignity: We believe that every individual person matters and has innate worth. We seek to meet our customers’ needs regardless of background. We seek to address each person’s need for material provision, and just as importantly the need for self-worth.

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